Q: What if I don't have Microsoft excel on my computer, can I still use these spreadsheets?
A: Yes,simply use open office. It may look a little different but it will work the same. The free download can be found at www.openoffice.org.


Q: What if I goofed up a calculation and the total is now blank or reads N/A?
A: Simply click the undo icon or go under "edit" and click undo. If that doesn't do it then close the application by clicking the X in the upper right hand corner and DO NOT CLICK SAVE. You will lose any changes made since your last save but it will put the sheet back to the way it was when you opened it.


Q: Should I save an original?
A: Yes, always save the original. Then as changes are made do a "save as" under the file tab and give your sheet a new name. I start with a blank original each month, then as changes are made I do a "save as" and name it after that year and month that I am doing.


Q: Why can't I change information in some cells?
A: The sheet is protected so calculations can't be erased in error. You can "unprotect" the sheet under the review tab if you wish to make some changes.


Q: Do I need to know how to work excel to use the spreadsheets?
A: No, it is helpful though. Watch the video tutorials here to see how they work.


Q:Do the spreadsheets come with instructions?
A: Yes, each sheet has a video tutorial that shows you how they are setup and how to use them. Watch the video tutorials here.


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